What is Lastcard?

What is Lastcard?

Lastcard is a Digital Business Card that allows you to share your information easily with people you meet.
When you purchase a Lastcard, you get a Lastcard Profile where you can add your Contact Information, Social Media Links and more coming up in future updates.

How does it work.

Sharing with Lastcard is easy. You only need to tap your card to the back of someone’s phone. Please view our Compatibility List to see which phones accept the “Tap” feature.
For phones that do not have the “tap” feature. You can always make them scan the QR Code on the card, it will bring them to your profile.

Please note: Some android phones have the “tap” feature but is disabled by default. To activate it. Please follow the steps in our article Activate the Tap Feature on Android.


How to add links.

In order to add links, we created a simple How-To video to show you how it’s done. Please check it our in our Setup Section.


Please view our Updates Section to see all the changes we’ve made and future updates.





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